Vitamix 5200 Affiliate Site

My Vitamix 5200 affiliate site is done and done.  That only took about 2 years. Ha! I guess this weekend business plan is working.

Back when I first started this I bought the domain because I business coach teaching me about affiliate marketing suggested I look around my house for expensive items I’ve purchased. I was have a love affair cooking with my new and pricey Vitamix blender so I thought that would be the perfect product to market.

Then I stumbled upon Russell Bronson’s continuity program course so per his instruction I created a survey and had my outsourced assistant posting the survey link in forums.  I was going to use the survey submissions to aid me in writing a Vitamix recipe ebook.  The thought crossed my mind to alternatively find a writer on as well.

But of course ife got in the way and a year and 15 weeks later with surprisingly 118 submissions thus far I still have not produced a site or product to sell.  All that is in the past now!!!

Turns out Vitamix only allows Vitmax blender owners to be affiliates. Super cool way to keep things legitimate.  So way back then I signed up. Then yesterday I stumbled upon the Omega Vert Juicer affiliate site, (I just bought one from Bed Bath and Beyond).  Seeing that site reminded me to just get on with it, forget a complicated ebook and create a site already. So that I did.

Used WordPress and a bunch of plug in, links from the Vitamix affiliate center and genuine blog posts from my person experience using the blender. Plus I did a bunch of keyword research to find the right YouTube videos to embed on the pages. All wa la it’s done!!! YAY.

I think it looks super clean. I’m proud of it.  I’m hoping it ranks on the first page of Google. We’ll see.  But for now I’ll continue to add posts to it from time to time whenever I make something cool myself like the post I wrote on how to make ice cream .

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