Dec 30-Jan 1 Business

I won a scholarship to Affiliate Summit West and it’s coming up. I am so excited.  In preparation I have been kicking my feet getting my web app directory save business time off the ground.  I’ve been collecting all the best tools online that save me time in business for years now.  I want to aggregate and showcase them so others can benefit like I have. Half the battle is just knowing they exist. Like domain espionage which let’s me see what domains are available when I am doing keyword research in firefox.  Pretty freakin cool! Discovered it at a conference.  So anyway I am almost done building Save Business Time.  I have a blog set up with a subdomain on Posterous and a main site using WordPress and the Listing theme by WooThemes. I even had a guy in Spain customize some of the code and my friend Mike made me a logo. The site still has some glitches I need to sort out. So I want it all done in time for Affiliate Summit conference so I can make the most out of my time there. I even already have my marketing plan laid out. So this project has been a super slacker.  To get it done I need to fix the development issues and I’d like to review the Site Profit Domination course by Michael Dunlop.  He’s one of the people I most respect for establishing an affiliate business model.

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