Commercial Acting

commercial actingThis weekend was all about getting my commercial acting underway. Being that I have been an entrepreneur for 10 plus years I have wanted to take a break, but still have money come in. Everybody wants money they don’t have to work for.  It popped into my brain that maybe booking commercials would be that magic money machine for me.  After all don’t those people in the super bowl commercials get loot for saying one line?  I don’t know anything about the industry. So about a month ago I signed up for a workshop per a referral from someone in my mastermind group who works in film and my journey began.

This weekend I finished the last of 4 sessions with the commercial acting workshop.  I met this really cool girl in the class so I asked her to get together with me today so I can pick her brain.  So far this past month I have learned a ton of what photos I need, what kind of website casting directors are looking for and what websites I need to sign up for to submit myself for roles.  The most unique thing was discovering that one, to book commercials I don’t need to be an actor and two, improv classes help a lot so I may be signing up for Second City soon. It will be a double bonus as I think the classes can only help my speaking career.

I already got my first audition request this past week for a radiography commercial.  Was nerve racking and I think I bombed, but hey practice makes perfect right. It’s been incredibly exciting to learn about something new.  A private session with the workshop teacher is already in my planner for January, plus I am taking another one of his workshops in February so all in due time I really think I’ll be booking spots.

No agent yet.  But the girl I got together with educated me on how to go about doing that.

Here’s the site I put together.  Promised myself I’d get it done this weekend.  I think it’s pretty cool. I’m kinda impressed by my abilities.


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