appsumo business blueprintI’m an ideas person. That being said I don’t just think of ideas, I implement them. ALL of them.  It’s gotten out of hand and I needed to add structure to my madness, but had no clue how.  First I thought that maybe I needed to just accept this about my personlaity and become a better delegator. Wondering how Richard Branson does it I reached out to my friend who used to be the CEO of a major company.  He said Branson has people smarter than him running each one of his organizations.  At this point and time I don’t have anyone who knows my business better than me nor the funding to pay for some fancy CEO.

Then I thought about all the business leaders I personally know who don’t seem happy and fulfilled. So they have the status, and maybe they delegate, but they are empty.  Is it worth having a sucessful business if there is no rainbow at the end?  It occured to me that business doesn’t need to be a “big deal” and it can be fun projects.  What would happen if I took the “serious” out of building a business.  My friend Noah who founded AppSumo encourages wantreprenuers to just start, test their concepts and go from there.  He wrote a blog post on Tim Ferriss’s blog the Four Hour Work Week about starting a business over the weekend and then created a course called business blueprint. His post on that blog and his course are what inspired me to create WeekendBusiness.org.

As of right now I organize my “business ideas” in Evernote and am always trying to maintain them all at once.  What would happen if I just implemented one every weekend.  I would take the idea from beginning to end and then finish it off by delegating all the ongoing maintenance to an outsourced team.

During the week I would focus on one core ability as I believe consistency and focus is the key to riches. The skill I choose is how to advertise on Google from adwords to youtube marketing. I think adwords is the online equivalent to bar tending. A skill where you can pick up a job and make money anywhere. Who’s going to shy away from someone who can guarantee profitable traffic, right? The main motive is that I’ll be able to drive quality traffic to all my projects and know what kinds of returns to expect.

So during the week that is my core focus and during the weekend I pick one of my projects that I filed in Evernote.  If it’s not the weekend when I stumble upon a piece of information that stimulates my brain to start tackling one of my “weekend businesses” I’ll simply store it into the relevant notebook on Evernote so everything is there ready for me when Friday hits.

My goal for 2012 is consistency.  With my ADD tendencies this was the only way I figured I could have my cake and eat it too. Man, I can’t stand that saying. Ha.

Up top in the header of this site I thought it would be fun to schedule what projects I’d tentatively be working on. So that’s what the dates are all about. Wish me luck!

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