Progress on my app directory and getting rid of boxes!

This weekend I worked on getting the ball rolling with Save Business Time. I have to let go of the idea of perfection and just get content up.  Every time I tell someone about the idea in any industry they get very excited which is an excellent sign. It felt good to move forward and embrace the momentum.  The business model for the site will be affiliate links.  Next week I go to Affiliate Summit West. Very excited. Perfect timing to progress. I have a few development questions I am gonna hit up my ex business partner to work through, but all in all the development of the site is close to done. I built it in WordPress using a Wootheme. I have been loggin web applications into an excel file along with Evernote for the past few years so I just have to organize it all and publish all the app info to the site.

I also signed up with My Body Tutor which has been incredible retraining myself to be consistent. There is no way I would have filed all the boxes I did today without having the structure from My Body Tutor.  It’s going to be and already is a wicked resource to make sure I achieve everything I wan this year.

Lastly, I booked my first commercial!!!! Yay! We shoot this week.

Anyway, I am beat. Off to bed.

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