Jan 6-8 Business

youtube business channelWrite out a YouTube marketing course to sell exclusively on AppSumo.  So this past week I built a YouTube channel for my client.  They were wildly impressed with my abilities. A lot of time things come so easily to me I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  Plus I already have friends selling video marketing courses and I figured the world doesn’t need yet another.  But one thing I am super good at is breaking things down so they are fast and simple. Getting to the point rather than trying to make someone a master of a subject, just fill them in on the “need to knows”.  Anyway, so I thought why not make a course on how to build a business channel on YouTube and give it to exclusively to AppSumo.  If they dig it cool, if not oh well.  I can always create an unbounce page and sell it there.

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