Dec 23-25 Business

vitamix 5200A couple years back I bought the domain Vitmix 5200 and was doing surveys to find out what people wanted to know more about in regards to owning a Vitamix. I LOVE my Vitamix. The was this cam about was a business coach told me to look around my house and see all the expensive items I bought.  This blender cost me over $300 bucks at Costco and that was on discount. Normally they are around $500.  I found out I can only resell a Vitamix online if I own one. Pretty cool quality control.  It’s a shame I haven’t pushed forward and created a site to sell it already. So this weekend. I want to see my site completed and affiliate links embedded.  I found this affiliate site for the Omega Vert juicer so I figured I would use that as my inspiration.

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